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Philosophy : Every child has the God given ability to achieve​.

Who we are.

Promise Learning Centre is a Special Education institution established in the year 1993 which provides academic ,techni​cal and social training for children born with Autism and Learning Disabilities. Autism is a form of pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) that disrupts ones ability to communicate with and relate to others.
Our Mission
Promise Learning Centre exists to provide special educational and therapeutic services for students with Autism and learning disabilities using special learning materials, experiences and techniquesaimed at helping them to develop their capabilities to equip them withlife skills in order to function in society, utilizing best practices, partnership and stakeholders involvement.
A school of excellence providing quality special education services for students locally and internationally aimed at equipping them for independent living.
Our Goals
  1. Adherence to the highest ethical and moral standards Commitment to the service of others and our community.
  2. Cultivation of an atmosphere of excellence. Effective and meaningful recognition of excellence and achievement.
  3. Promotion of children, adults and families we serve by putting their interests before all others.
  4. Believe in the value and importance of each individual and his/her intrinsic contribution.
  5. The importance of personal and professional growth and accountability.
  6. Recognition of team members for work well done. 
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