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Our Programme Here at Promise

Promise Learning & Training Centre welcomes children and young adults ages 4-25 years old who have been diagnosed with autism or other developmental disabilities. Our programs are designed to meet the unique educational, social, emotional and communication needs of these students. Our children exhibit a wide range of functional levels, skill and abilities, often with moderate to severe learning communicative and behavior disorders. The programs are offered in four departments namely Early childhood, Primary, Junior High and the Training Centre for students over 21 years old.

Our educational curriculum is specially written to address the diverse needs of our children while challenging each student to the limits of his or her abilities. This curriculum is reflective of the Ministry of Education and The Early childhood Curriculum and alternate performance indicators for students with severe disabilities. Additionally, the curriculum design incorporates teaching activities across the home, school and community settings. All educational methods and instructional strategies are research based and tailored to address the unique learning style and developmental level of each student. Instruction is provided in a 8:2 setting. Our goal is to teach the educational, communicative, and social skills necessary for our students to reintegrate into their home school system or a lesser restrictive setting. Impediments to learning are often experienced by our students with behavioral and or communicative disabilities.


Our school is committed to the use of Positive Behavioral Supports, Applied Behavioral Analysis, and a total communication approach individualized to address each child’s unique personality. The programme also strongly encourages individual student achievement in non-academic areas. Therefore, an array of special service is offered to augment the educational experience. Examples of such services include: Promise School Band namely the Melodical Bloomers, Adaptive and traditional physical education, team sports in Special Olympics, art and craft and extensive after school programs.

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