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This year 2013, Promise Learning Centre proudly celebrates its 20th Anniversary. As a special educational institution, Promise has for the past twenty years provided academic, social and vocational training for children affected by autism and other learning disabilities.

     Promise is the result of the divinely inspired vision of its founders, Reverend Darrington Hylton and Mrs. Marjorie Hylton. During the period of its existence, the school has encountered many challenges. However, through the exercise of unswerving faith in God and a sincere commitment to provide for the education, training and welfare of persons affected by autism and other learning disabilities, it has been able to achieve remarkable success, notwithstanding these challenges.

     Today, Promise stands as a beacon in the field of special education and as testament to the dedication, faith and commitment of its founders and the staff, past and present, who have served the institution and contributed to its development over the years.

     As Chairman of the Board of Governors of the school, I offer my congratulations to the school for twenty years of outstanding service to the nation and I wish for it continued growth and success in the future.

Mr. Randolph Dandy

(Chairman of the board)

Rev. Darrington Hylton


                                               Twenty years has passed, since the door of Promise                                                    Learning Centre was opened, catering to the needs of only four                                        students with Autism and learning disabilities. The population                                            grow while the diagnosis of autism keeps banging like a bell in                                          the ears of parents and family of children who once display the promise of pride and joy. Today, they can only watch as their child slip further and further away ... it is a familiar and heartbreaking story for millions of parents and families/friends across the world. Therefore, with autism recognized as the fastest growing disability in the world today, this is a matter that truly need’s attention as it affects us all one way or the other.

Promise Learning Centre for Autism, a not for profit organization, established in the year 1993, is presently located south of Half Way three  and north of the Three miles intersection,  at 58 Hagley Park Road, Kingston 10. The school offers the highest quality year round skills training, academics, behavior modification, social skills development, language development, self help skills, along with occupation & speech therapy, to whom have been diagnosed on the autism spectrum. Our curriculum is from the Ministry of Education and is tailored to feature cultural, recreational and educational opportunities specifically designed to challenge each individual to the limits of his or her own abilities.

Backed by our tradition and history that support this success for more than 20 years, Promise Learning Centre relies on its expert team approach to the treatment of autism, compassionate caregivers, and  to provide a safe, comfortable  environment that protects and  promotes countless opportunities for independent living.

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