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History of Promise Learning Centre

Promise Learning Centre is a special Education Institution which caters to the needs of children with Autism and Learning Disabilities. The genesis of the Centre can be traced to 1988 where the special education unit originated at the McCam Centre. In 1993, a small group of Parents saw the need for a special programme to be developed to enhance the needs of students with autism and learning disabilities.


Arising from this, Marjorie Hylton founded Promise Learning Centre upon the belief that children with special needs would be served best by a programme; that comprehensively addressed their educational, emotional and social needs. So on April 6, 1993 the Centre was opened at Old Church Road 

She started with only five students, after a week there were seven; as the population grow the unit had to be relocated to Pamela Drive. After three years she was joined by her husband Darrington who presently serve as CEO. The population increased to fifteen. Today the school continues to grow steadily, serving students who have been able to integrate in the regular school environment. The school was removed to 1 North Avenue in 2002 and has since relocated to 58 Hagley Park Road in Kingston 10.


Rev. & Mrs. Hylton continue their work serving children with Autism and Learning Disabilities. Promise prides itself in continuing the same historical quality, respect, family values and community integration. Our motto” EVERY CHILD HAS THE GOD GIVEN ABILITY TO ACHIEVE” still rings true today. We remain dedicated to the highest quality programmes, integrated support for families and guardians, and an enriched and positive climate for the children and young adults we serve.

Mr. & Mrs. Hylton
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