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Its easy to join us!!


There are a few easy steps to take:

  1. Call our Department of Admission via our Telephone numbers. There we will be able to arrange a meeting day & time where we can discuss matters in Detail and as to the items you are to carry.

  2. Then , on entering the Principals office, you will be greeted as always with our wholesome smile, Pre-welcoming you to the family.

  3. After a breif introduction about your child, You will be asked to hand over the following documents:

  • Psychological testing with IQ scores within the past 3 years

  • Current Individual Education Plan

  • Social/Development History

  • Medical History with immunization record

  • Psychiatric Evaluation (If available)

  • Functional behavioural analysis and behaviour Plan

  • The child's Birth Certificate

  • Two passport sized photographs

There will be an application form for you to fill out and return.

Click here to download the Prospectus for Promise

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