The Teaching staff & Students


Our hardworking , dedicated, qualified and Child-friendly teachers attend to the every need of each and every child in our institution. They work tirelessly to ensure that your child with autistism gets the best education there is and to prepare them for a future of independent living.


Here are a list of Classes and activities along with there teacher:

  • Earlychildhood 1: Ms. T. Brown & Ms. V. Bentley

  • Primary 1: Mrs M. Bolton-Hylton

  • Primary 2: Mrs M. Bolton-Hylton & Ms K. White

  • Training Center- Mrs. D. Downer & Ms .S. Madden (Assistant)

  • Music - Mr. D. Gordon

  • Swimming- The YMCA

  • Art and Craft- Mr. D. Campbell

  • Computer Class- Mr. Wesley Hylton

Our  Staff

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V. Bentley

Early Childhood Assistant